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May 19, 2020
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Best Kitten Food for Your Kitty

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The first thing to consider when buying kitten food is that felines are carnivores. In nature protein and fat are the main menu items for cats. Only a smidgen of carbohydrate is in their diet. The kitten food you pick should be high protein with fat and a little carbohydrate. This is a challenge because corn is the main ingredient in many kitten foods. Kittens need more protein, vitamins, and minerals than adult cats because their bodies are growing. Feeding a kitten formula until she is one year old is the usual routine, but some good formulas are for both the kitten and grown cats.

Evo is 42% protein and it is very good for kittens and cats. The only carbo in it is potatoes and that is the fifth ingredient, which means there are four meat items that have a higher content ratio than the potatoes. It contains chicken, turkey, and herring. It is a dried food.

Avoderm has 45% protein and 32% fat. Any kitten food getting close to the 50% mark for protein is a higher grade kitten food. Kitten foods like this will be more expensive, but much better for your pet.

If you can afford the more expensive kitten food try to get a lower carbohydrate formula in a less expensive brand.

A product that states it meets the nutrition criteria of the American Association of Feed Control Officials for kittens on its label is one way to know that the food is keeping a standard of nutrition. Again, the main problem with many commercial kitten foods is that they contain more corn than any other ingredient. It is the first ingredient on the list on many brand labels. A kitten formula with high protein, some fat, and a little carbohydrate that includes a balance of vitamins and minerals a kitten needs will give your kitten good nutrition. The AAFCO require 30% protein in kitten food and 26% protein in adult cat food.


The research indicates that kittens come close to tripling their weight in their initial three weeks of life. Many believe this requires a special kitten food that provides extra calories. You may want to adhere to this when feeding your kitten. Kittens under six months need three meals each day.

Dry or Canned

A mixture of dried and canned food that is nutritionally balanced is a good diet for your kitten Can food provides some of her water. Dry food with a higher moisture content is recommended.

Home Made Kitten Food Precautions

If you want to make your own kitten food, find a recipe with balanced nutrition. Though cats east raw meat in the wild, don't feed your kitten raw meat as it can cause parasites. It can also introduce pathogenic bacteria into her system. Raw eggs will interfere with her absorption of the B vitamin biotin. Raw fish can cause her to be low in thiamine, which can precipitate seizures, poor appetite, and in some extreme cases death.


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