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April 1, 2020
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A Degree In Sustainable Development

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Today's world is characterized by increasingly severe environmental problems. Oil resources are dwindling, fossil fuel consumption is accelerating global warming, and air and water pollution is causing serious health problems around the world. Fortunately, more and more students are pursuing degrees that will allow them to meet these challenges head on. Students receiving a bachelor of environmental management degree or a bachelor of environmental science degree from a major university will be well positioned to find careers in these new and exciting fields.

Career options for people with environmental science or management degrees are diverse. Many students go on to pursue jobs in the public sector. State and local governments across the country are in dire need of experts to help them regulate polluters and manage resources more effectively. These experts, who often work in city planning, help to design mass transit infrastructure to reduce fossil fuel consumption. They also work to strike a balance between pollution regulations and business development, helping industries to adapt to new environmental standards. Others prefer to find work in the private sector. Most major corporations, from oil companies to major retailers, have a major incentive in increasing their efficiency. Timber companies, for instance, often hire experts in sustainable development to help manage forest land and maximize long term profits. Likewise, major transportation companies like airlines are always looking for ways to save money by reducing their fuel consumption. Major fisheries often hire environmental scientists to ensure the health of their fish stocks. Crucially for students evaluating their future job prospect, these career options are unlikely to be rendered obsolete by advances in technology or outsourced overseas.

Aside from providing students with enticing financial prospects, environmental studies degrees also give students the opportunity to pursue a career that matters. Most jobs are just a way to make money and support a family, but the sustainability field also represents an opportunity to change the world. Even today, environmental scientists are working to combat problems like global warming, excess consumption of water, and toxic pollution. Not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy a career that makes a difference, but many experts in sustainability are perfectly positioned to do so.

A degree in environmental management may not be for everyone, but prospective students with an interest in environmental problems should at least consider the option. Major universities are offering excellent programs that could lead to superb career opportunities in the future.


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