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September 17, 2020
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Gallon Aquarium Tank - Materials Used To Make Them

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A gallon aquarium tank, if you intend to keep one as a hobby, needs to be properly cared for, so that you are able to provide the right environment for the fish and marine life which live in it. But before you can actually get your hobby started, you need to first go out and get a gallon aquarium tank and then set it up.

As you will soon discover, when visiting your local pet or aquarium supply store, or by searching online, there are various different types of gallon aquarium tanks to choose from. Today they don't just come in different shapes and sizes, but they also come in a range of different materials, not just glass.

What Type Of Framework Does A Gallon Aquarium Tank Have?

If the gallon aquarium tank you purchase is constructed from glass, then the framework surrounding it will be made from either angle iron or stainless steel. These metals will have been welded at each corner where the frame joins together, and then the glass will then slot inside it.

To prevent the gallon aquarium tank from leaking, putty aquarium cement, acrylic or silicon sealant, is placed between the edges of the metal framework, and the glass of the aquarium. Also it is important that the surface on which the aquarium stands, is level, because if not, stress can be placed on the framework causing it to bend, which could result in the glass cracking.

Although the framework of a gallon aquarium tank is most often made using metal, sometimes they can be made from wood, particularly plywood as it is less likely to warp after coming into contact with water. Again to prevent water escaping from the tank through the frame joints, an epoxy sealant is applied between the frame and the glass. One benefit of having a wooden, rather than metal frame, is that you can actually decorate it (paint, varnish or cover in material) to match a room's decor.

Other Materials Which Can Be Used In The Construction Of A Gallon Aquarium Tank

Traditionally when it comes to aquariums, they will be constructed using glass. However, today materials such as acrylic are becoming more popular for using, to make gallon aquarium tanks with. Although these types of tanks cost more than their glass counterparts, they weigh less and you can often purchase them in a wider range of shapes and designs.

Not only do acrylic gallon aquarium tanks weigh far less than glass ones, they are also far less likely to crack, even if they are not placed on a completely level surface. But you need to be aware that this material is much softer than glass, and it can be damaged very easily. If not cared for correctly, the material will lose its clarity, and you may find that you need to replace the tank completely in the future.

Another material which is often used in the construction of gallon aquarium tanks is Vitrolite, that is similar to glass, but comes in some very strange and wonderful colors. Often this material will be added to a tank afterward, to the sides and back, and because it is opaque, it is used as a way to hide all those unsightly wires and equipment.

It is important that you spend some time learning about the various different types of gallon aquarium tanks you can buy, before you spend your money. Read as many reviews as you can on those that you are interested in. The best place to get the information you need, is by going online where you can also compare the prices for the models you are interested in at the same time.


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